Events • Chez Ali Fantasia, dinner and Horse show

Price: 60 € / person

Dinner and Fantasia, also known by the name of its founder “Chez Ali” naming the restaurant, is held in the palm grove of Marrakech. Entering Chez Ali, customers will be transported back to the time of the tales of the Arabian Nights, all thanks to both the decor and the buildings that make up this magnificent site.

Just get to the parking of Chez Ali, the riders on their horses perform a worthy entry of the show that awaits inside. Our guests can choose to dine, and enjoy a typical Moroccan dinner: Harira (Moroccan soup), couscous with vegetables and chicken, roast lamb, dessert, fruit, tea and pastries. All accompanied by folklore from different parts of Morocco, with performances of their songs wearing their traditional outfits, showing the great cultural variety of the country.

After the dinner, we head into the stands located in the center of the arena where the Fantasia show takes place, here the best riders from Riff tribes perform their best tricks on horseback, all accompanied by belly dancing, folk dancing and to end the show, fireworks.

We can organize your pick up at a central location in Marrakech at around 20.00 and also return you at the end of the spectacular usually around midnight.