Booking and FAQ

To book a tour, excursion and make the advance payment for the journey you must to do the following:

First step: Send mail for participation in the tour and excursion.

Be sure to include your full name, dates, number of persons and name of riad / hotel in Morocco (for excursions). Please write your contact so that we have the communication with you.

Second stage: The reservation to participate in any tour takes place when you make the advance payment of 50% of the tour price to the account of a company Morocco Gnawa Tours.

For large groups please make your reservation at least one month in advance. For excursions please reserve from 4 days to 15 days in advance. For individual tours please reserve one month in advance.

The advance is transferred via bank payment systems in any bank, account details will be sent by the administrator to e-mail or WhatsApp of participants after getting the mail for participation.

After you have made the payment, be sure to send us a copy of the payment order, so we can keep track of your translation, and a copy of the first page of your passport – it is necessary for drafting the contract for the private tour (no need for excursions).

Free to cancel the booking, you can 14 days before the planned date of commencement of the tour.

ATTENTION! Booking the tour and excursion takes place only when the advance payment transferred.

The remaining amount is payable as you arrive at the beginning of the trip in Morocco, and sign a contract (for private tour) and payment receipt (for excursions) for the provision of travel services.

The third stage: Preparing for the journey.

Communication on e-mail, WhatsApp with members of our team, it helps us to answer all your questions maximized.

Please send your application in letter – by mail.



Is it safe to travel by Morocco?

Morocco is one of the most stable countries in North Africa. It has a very low crime rate, even at night you can walk near the hotel. However, in markets and crowded places a bag with valuables must be kept in front of him and do not leave things without control. Local people are very respected police.

Is it safe to travel alone?

Usually, there is no problem to travel alone. But it is important to know that Western women are attracted more attention than they are accustomed to in their home country. Women without a male escort caution should be exercised in communion, and choosing clothes, so we should not walk on unlit streets after sunset.

I travel in the company of other tourists will be in the selected tour in Morocco?

Our tours are individually route, which means that a trip is organized exclusively for you. Also you have the opportunity to take trips and travel with other tourists from different countries. Traveling to Morocco, you are sure to meet other travelers along the way, mountains, cities and the Sahara desert.

What are the prices in Morocco?

You can buy things very cheap or very expensive. In Morocco, there is a tradition to haggle, so if the price does not suit you.

What are the living conditions in the journey to Morocco?

Company Morocco Gnawa Tours offers travelers a very diverse selection of hotels, riads and luxurious world-class hotels. Selection of apartments depends on your needs in terms of 3 * / 4 * / 5 *. In the Sahara accommodation in the hotel with a swimming pool and traditional desert tents with double beds.

Do I need a visa and travel insurance?

Tourists from some countries need to have a Visa, contact with your local authorities.

Medical care and insurance.

ATTENTION! Medical insurance is required to be purchased by every traveler in the country of  residence.

In Morocco the medical care has European level: a great local clinic, very qualified doctors, a lot of pharmacies. But we strongly recommend to have individual first aid kit, which including:

  • Headache pills, pain killers, antispasmodics.
  • Cold remedies.
  • Stomach medicine: as a consequence of the change of food the problems with the stomach can appear, so please bring medicine from diarrhea and gases recommended by your doctor.
  • Sunscreen, chopstick for lip.